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Study tour to India granted by the government of India 2008

          The Experience India Tour was a prime initiative of the Indian government whcih funded entirely a trip of 50 ASEAN students from 10 countries, 5 students each . Among 50 ASEAN students, two belonged to the Mahidol University who belong to the Institute of lLnguage and Culture for Rural Development at Salaya. They joined this group to visit India during 17-29 November, 2008. Ms. Warintorn Benjasri, a Ph.D. Candidate in Linguistics and Mr. Pibul Nakawanich a Master's student in Indian Studies Programme.

           We are very glad to tell everybody that this India Tour gave us a great fantastic experience of all types.We learned various Indian cultures by traveling to many cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, Jamshedpur, New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Delhi and meeting with the local people. Moreover, we visited some major international production units as well as grand academic institutions such as Titan Industries (Watch manufacturers, a 100% Indian company which wiped out almost the entire foreign brand watches business in India), TATA Motors(famous for its competing prices of car/pick-ups in Thailand, and also for the cheaper-than-a-bike Nano cars, Tidel park, IIT Madras (well-known technology learning institute whose graduates are more than 40% of the workforce of the NASA in USA) and historical sites (TajMahal, Rachgat, Mahabalipuram, City Palace Museum). The colour of all ditrections of India-north and south; eastand west- were showcased to us by providing us the best cuisine, best hotel rooms and best care. It was a perfect example of the famous Indian hospitality as our every practical expenses were covered!

          We both are very grateful for the assistance and supports from Assoc.Dr. Sophana Srichampa, The Director of Research Institute for Language and Culture of Asia, Dr. Amarjiva Lochan, The Embassy of India, Bangkok, Thailand and the Government of India . We are proud to say that "WE LOVE INDIA".

It is from part of Indian Newspaper
Tidel Park @ Chennai, India
Sunny day but 9 degrees @ Jaipur
 A cold day (9 degrees) but having a warm friendship
Thailand Students @ Taj Mahal
Tata Motor Company’s Museum