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Doctoral Degree Program
Multicultural Studies
(International Program)
Master Degree Program
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          Welcome to the Culture and Development Program at Mahidol University. This postgraduate program aims primarily to teach students to become specialists who able to work in both academic and non-academic organizations, with strong foundations in theoretical and substantive areas.
          The curriculum is designed to provide advanced training for students in disciplines related to six areas of study:
          Students in the program are encouraged to participate in regular forums and special seminars where scholars from within the university and outside present a wide variety of current research issues.
Program News ...
19 February 2009
Swami Vivekananda: A Role Model for World Peace and Harmony
(Swami Shanntatmanandaji Bikkhuni Dhammananda)

25 February 2009
Music Therapy
(Assoc.Prof. Dr. Bussakorn Sumrongthong
Deputy Dean Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University)
27 February 2009
The Medical Center Policy of Asia: Gain or Loss towards Thai Health System
(Chamrung Meekhanom, M.D.
Former Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Public Health)

3 March 2009
Viriya Sawangchot Freelance Academic Researcher
(Viriya Sawangchot
Freelance Academic Researcher)
16 June 2009
A Critical Survey in a Status of Hunter and Gatherer’s Culture in Thailand: A Case Study of Mlabri in Nan Province
(Sakkarin Na Nan)
24 June 2009
Situations and Trends of Ageing People in Asia and other Regions
(Prof. Dr. Pramote Prasartkun
Institute For Population and Social Research, Mahidol University)
10 August 2009
Food Accessibilities and the Chang of Consumers’ Cultures
(Asst. Dr. Jintana Yhoung-Aree
Institution for Nutrition Mahidol University)
19 August 2009
The Process of Cultural Dimensions in Reducing Community Conflicts
(Paradee Vichitokan
Director of Eco-village Institute)
20 August 2009
The preparation for Ageing Society of Thailand
(Assoc. Sasipat Yodpet
Faculty of Social Administration Thammasat University)
11 September 2009
Food Security from Ecological Worldview
(Alex Kaufman, PhD Student
Faculty Environment and Resources Studies)
6 November 2009
Academic Collaborations in Sociology between Thai-India
6 December 2009
Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation
(Dr. Virender Kumar)
12 December 2009
Positive Thinking and Art of Living
(Dr. Samani Mangal Prajnaji)
27 January 2010
Baul: Sacred Music of (Global) Village
(Viriya Sawangchoat
Freelance Academic Researcher)

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