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Doctoral Degree Program
Multicultural Studies
(International Program)
Master Degree Program
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Southeast Asian has been an important area historically, politically and linguistically. At present it is even more important as far as socio-economics is concerned. To promote cooperation with various nations in this area by exchanging knowledge, expertise and technology, as well as to improve the quality of life for the people in rural areas, a real understanding of the languages and cultures of the various ethnic groups in this area is quite essential. The Research Institute for Language and Culture of Asia offers a Ph.D. Program in Linguistics to train people to be specialists in Southeast Asian languages and linguistics, both theoretical and applied. For applied linguistics, the emphasis is not only on Southeast Asian language teaching and translation, but also on the application of linguistics to rural development, especially in the areas of education, public health, public relations, regional administration and the like.

Course Requirements

Pre-requisites Completion of the following courses 15 required, if not taken at the Master's Degree level:

  • LCLG 500 Phonetics
  • LCLG 501 Phonemics
  • LCLG 502 Introduction to Syntax
  • LCLG 503 Field Methods in Linguistics
  • LCLG 532 Southeast Asian Linguistics
  • LCLG 534 Historical Linguistics
  • LCLG 525 Sociolinguistics

Major Courses

  • LCLG 600 Seminar in Southeast Asian Linguistics
  • LCLG 601 Seminar in comparative and Historical Linguistics
  • LCLG 602 Selected Topics in Phonetics and Phonology
  • LCLG 603 Current Trends in Syntax and Semantics
  • LCLG 604 Topics in Discourse Analysis
  • LCLG 605 Sociolinguistics and Language Planning

Elective Courses

  • LCLG 606 Advanced Phonetics
  • LCLG 607 Advanced Phonological Theory
  • LCLG 608 Syntactic and Semantic Analysis
  • LCLG 609 Topics in Semantics
  • LCLG 610 Current Issuses in Linguistics Theory
  • LCLG 611 Linguistics Pragmatics and Language Learning/Teaching
  • LCLG 612 Seminar in Applied Linguistics
  • LCLG 613 Sociolinguistics in the Professions
  • LCLG 614 Neurolinguistics
  • LCLG 615 Seminar in Dialectology
  • LCLG 616 Linguistics and Translation
  • LCLG 617 Seminar in Ethnolinguistics
  • LCLG 618 Literacy in Minority Languages
  • LCLG 619 Cross-Cultural Communication
  • LCLG 620 Typology and Universals of Languages
  • LCLG 621 Language Contact and Language Change
  • LCLG 622 Register and Tone
  • LCLG 623 Affix, Clitic, and Particle
  • LCLG 624 Seminar in Computational Linguistics
  • LCLG 625 Research Design in Linguistics
  • LCLG 626 Directed Research


  • LCLG 699 Research for Ph.D. Thesis

Faculty and Guest Faculties


  • Dr. Suwilai Premsrirat, Professor Emeritus
    Ph.D. (Linguistics)
  • Dr. Somsonge Burusphat, Professor
    Ph.D. (Linguistics)
  • Dr. Sophana Srichampa, Associate Professor
    Ph.D. (Linguistics)
  • Dr. Sujaritlak Deepadung, Associate Professor
    Ph.D. (Linguistics)
  • Dr. Pattama Patpong, Assistant Professor
    Ph.D. (Linguistics)
  • Dr. Siripen Ungsitipoonporn, Assistant Professor
    Ph.D. (Linguistics)
  • Dr. Isara Choosri, Lecturer
    Ph.D. (Linguistics)
  • Dr. Mayuree Thawornpat, Lecturer
    Ph.D. (Linguistics)
  • Dr. Sumittra Suraratdecha, Lecturer
    Ph.D. (Linguistics)
  • Dr. Yuttaporn Naksuk, Lecturer
    Ph.D. (Linguistics)

Guest Faculties

  • Dr. Vichin Phanuphong, Professor
    Ph.D. (Linguistics)
  • Dr. Pranee Kullavanich, Associate Professor
    Ph.D. (Linguistics)
  • Dr. Ruengdet Pankhuenkhat, Associate Professor
    Ph.D. (Linguistics)
  • Dr. Theraphan Luangthongkam, Associate Professor
    Ph.D. (Linguistics)
  • Dr. Wilaiwan Kanithanan, Associate Professor
    Ph.D. (Linguistics)

Visiting Professors

  • Anthony Diller, Professor
    The Australian National University
  • David Bradley, Professor
    La Trobe University
  • Dennis Malone, Professor
    SIL International
  • Jerold Edmondson, Professor
    University of Texas at Arlington
  • Susan Malone, Professor
    SIL International
  • Robert Bauer, Professor
    The Hong Kong Institute of Technology

For more information

Program Chairperson - Dr. Mayuree Thawornpat
Tel. (662) 8002308-14 ext. 3111
Fax. (662) 8002332
Email :

Program Secretary - Dr. Isara Choosri
Tel. (662) 8002308-14 ext. 3330
Fax. (662) 8002332
Email :

Academic Supporting Section (Academic support unit)
Tel. (662) 8002308-14 ext. 3213, 3230
Fax. (662) 8002332