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Master of Arts In Language and Culture for Communication and Development

          Recognizing that language and culture play an important role in globalization, the Institute initiated the MA program in Language and Culture for Communication and Development to address the international community's growing need for effective cross- cultural communication. Language and culture act as media to express meaning and convey information between individuals, groups, organizations, communities and nations. This program is based on intercultural communication theory, as well as practical communicative and language skills.

          Major in Language and Culture for Communication and Development

Faculty and Guest Faculties


Guest Faculties

    • Homhuan Chuenjit, Assoc.Prof.
      B.A., M.A. (Linguistics), Ph.D. (Linguistics)
    • Malituss Phromatattawaetee, Assoc.Prof.
      B.A. (Cum Lande), M.A.
    • Manmas Chavalit, Prof.Khunying
      B.A., M.A. (Library Science)
    • Manunya Dhranapoom, Lect.
      B.A., M.A. (English)
    • Nikorn Paereekul, Lect.
      LL.B., LL.M.
    • Pimpan Vessakosol, Assoc.Prof.
      B.A., M.A. (Foreign Language Education) , Ph.D. (Curriculum and Instruction)
    • Sidtha Pinitpuwadol, Prof.
      Ph.D. (Literature Compare)
    • Weena Sirisook, Lect.
      Ph.D. (Health Psychology)
    • Weerawan Worarut, Lect.
      B.A., M.A. (Communication)
    • Winita Dithiyontra, Assoc.Prof.Khunying
      B.A. (English), Ph.D. (Curriculum & Instruction)
Course Requirements

Supplemental Fundamental Course


Students without knowledge of language and culture must study in:

  • LCCD 500 The Nature of Language and Culture
    Noted : Student’s registration for the course is upon the consideration of the programme committee.

Core Courses

    • LCCD 501 Concepts and Theories in Communication
    • LCCD 502 Language and Cross-cultural Communication
    • LCCD 503 Language for Communication in the Professions

Major Courses

          The M.A. programme in Language and Culture for Communication and Development (LCCD) offers four majors: Language Teaching, Language for Communication, Translation and, Language and Culture for Organizational Administration. Each major consists of 6 subjects and students must take 15 credits.

Major A: Language Teaching

      • LCCD 511 Linguistic Approach to Language Teaching
      • LCCD 512 Contrastive Linguistics
      • LCCD 513 Teaching Thai for Foreigners
      • LCCD 514 Testing and Evaluation
      • LCCD 610 Advanced Teaching English as a Foreign Language
      • LCCD 612 Seminar: Development and Adaptation of Materials for Language Teaching

Major B: Language for Communication

      • LCCD 521 Language Analysis for Communication I
      • LCCD 522 Language Analysis for Communication II
      • LCCD 523 The Role of Mass Media in Thai Society
      • LCCD 620 Communicative Psychology
      • LCCD 621 Communicative Technology
      • LCCD 622 Information System for Communication

Major C: Translation

      • LCCD 530 Theories and Principles for Professional Translators
      • LCCD 532 Bilingualism and Translation
      • LCCD 533 Translation for Specific Purposes
      • LCCD 534 Development of Thai Translation: A Study of Language and Culture
      • LCCD 630 Pragmatic Linguistics and Translation
      • LCCD 632 Seminar in Translation

Major D: Language and Culture for Organizational Administration

      • LCCD 541 Language and Culture for Organizational Administration
      • LCCD 542 Language and Cultural Aspects of Leadership
      • LCCD 543 Public Relation and Organizational Management
      • LCCD 640 Organizational Communication
      • LCCD 641 Behavioral Studies in Organization
      • LCCD 642 Seminar: Organization, Management, and Cultural Understanding

Elective Courses

    • LCCD 504 Seminar: Government Policy on Social, Cultural and Language Planning
    • LCCD 570 General Linguistics
    • LCCD 571 Psycholinguistic and Language Teaching
    • LCCD 572 Teaching Thai as a Second Language
    • LCCD 573 Folk Media Studies
    • LCCD 574 Printed Media Production
    • LCCD 575 Radio and Television Programme Production
    • LCCD 576 Language for Public Relations
    • LCCD 577 Language in the News
    • LCCD 578 English for Newspaper
    • LCCD 579 Communicative English
    • LCCD 580 Translation in the News
    • LCCD 581 Translation in Business
    • LCCD 582 Translation for Public Relations
    • LCCD 583 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
    • LCCD 584 Symbolic System in Society
    • LCCD 611 Culture and the Teaching of Southeast Asian Languages
    • LCCD 631 Translating Southeast Asian Languages
    • LCCD 671 Professional Ethics and Laws
    • LCCD 673 Ethnology of Southeast Asia
    • LCCD 674 Translation of Laws
    • LCCD 675 Translation of Documentation and Stories
    • LCCD 677 Independent Study
    • LCCD 680 Translation of Film
    • LCCD 681 Translation of Literature
    • LCCD 682 Translation for Academic Purposes

Thesis (Plan A(2))

    • LCCD 698 Thesis
Graduates Needs

Students needs

    1. To have knowledge and understanding for language using in both Thai and English, also speak and write correctly.
    2. To have knowledge and to be experts in communication, both interpersonal communication and mass communication as well as cross-cultural communication.
    3. To understand about cultural difference and can apply with their occupations.
    4. To have translation skill and can develop to be translator.

Graduates Needs

    1. To work in related fields such as translators, mass communicators or language instructors.
    2. To apply knowledge with other researches.

Work targets

    1. To be lecturers in govern and private universities.
    2. To be mass communicators.
    3. To work with govern organizations and NGOs.
    4. To work with international organizations.
    5. To be translators.
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