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4th International Conference on Language and Education:
Multilingual Education for All in Asia and the Pacific – Policies, Practices and Processes
November 6-8, 2013
Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
Pre- registration Mezzanine Floor‏
Registration Mezzanine Floor‏
Opening Ceremony Queen’s Park 1
Welcoming Remarks
Ms. Tiziana Bonapace,
Chief, ICT and Development Section of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), on behalf of conference Organizers

Professor Jim Cummins
Multilingual Education for Social Justice – From Coercive to Collaborative Relations of Power

Professor at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at University of Toronto, Canada

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Welcoming Speech Queen’s Park 1

H.E. Phongthep Thepkanjana
The Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand

Keynote Address Queen’s Park 1

Professor Fernand de Varennes
Language and education: A global, human rights perspective
Visiting Professor, University of Hong Kong, Vytautas Magnus University & University of Pretoria

Tea Break
Parallel Session I:

Special Parallel Session Queen’s Park 4
  A 10 year journey towards MLE Pilot in the Solomon Islands 2004-2013
Moderator: Dr. Sandro Calvani
  Ms. Marion Luihenue (MTB-MLE National Coordinator of Solomon Islands Pilot,
Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development)
  Mr. Franco Rodie (Under-Secretary Tertiary, Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development)
Ms. Emily Pita Siriki (Chief Inspectorate, Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development)

Ms. Margaret Saumore (Local Coordinator for Arosi Vernacular, Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development)

Track 1 Benjasiri 1
Local culture, art, and values in non-dominant language literacy and MLE
Moderator: Mr. Min Bista

Ms. Liz Foerster and Ms. Mary Saurman (SIL International), Cultural resources: Integrating relevant cultural ethnic art forms and values into materials development of MTB education programs


Dr. Doerthe Schilken (SIL International), A story in the mother tongue is not a mother tongue story

Track 2 Queen’s Park 1
Parallel Session I:  
Policies and politics of MLE in the Philippines
Moderator: Dr. Kimmo Kosonen

Ms. Maria Mercedes Arzadon (University of the Philippines), The unstoppable MTB-MLE caravan and the reconfiguration of the MTB-MLE discourse in the Philippines


Mr. Schedar Jocson (University of the Philippines), Politics of MTB-MLE in the Philippines

Track 3 A Benjasiri 2
Curriculum development in MLE programs in Asia
Moderator: Mr. Matthew Wisbey
  Mr. Jualim Datiles Vela and Dr. Hideo Ikeda (Hiroshima University, Japan), Students’ performance in science tests using three languages and their language preference in learning science concepts

Mr. John Draper (Khon Kaen University, Thailand), Towards a curriculum for the Thai Lao of Northeast Thailand


Naw Ler Htu and Mr. Scott O’Brien (Karen Teachers Working Group), Andrea Costa (Adventist Development and Relief Agency – Myanmar), Karen education – A case study

Track 3 B Queen’s Park 5
MTB-MLE programs: Impact, outcomes, progress
Moderator: Dr. Karla Smith

Mr. Pushker Kadel (Language Development Centre, Nepal), Reviewing MTB-MLE in Nepal


Ms. Alpona Kujur (SIL Bangladesh), Steps towards effective MLE in Bangladesh


Ms. Francisca Soares (Timor-Leste National Commission for UNESCO), MTB – MLE in Timor-Leste: Challenges and solutions

Track 4 Queen’s Park 6
MLE impact and challenge: Evidence from South Asia
Moderator: Dr. Anwei Feng

Mr. Muhammad Zaman Sagar (Forum for Language Initiatives, Pakistan), Impact and challenges of MTB-MLE in Northwestern Pakistan


Ms. Sakshi Manocha (Jawaharlal Nehru University, India), A comparison of schooling experiences of Saora children in MLE Plus- and Odia- medium schools of Odisha, India


Mr. Surya Prasad Yadav (Tribhuvan University, Nepal), MLE practices in Nepal: A case of Rajbanshi

Lunch Rainbow Room
Parallel Session II
Track 1 Queen’s Park 4
Language issues in Asian education
Moderator: Dr. Catherine Young

Mr. Mehmet Şerif Derince (Bogazici University, Turkey), In between oppression and resilience: Sociolinguistic situation of Kurds in Turkey


Ms. Younsun Lee (Pusan National University, South Korea), The meaning of bilingual education within the South Korean multicultural education policy

Track 2 Queen’s Park 5
Language-in-education policies in Cambodia and Malaysia
Moderator: Mr. Jan Noorlander

Mr. Khath Samal (Advisor to the Bilingual Education Committee, Provincial Office of Education, Youth and Sport, Ratanakiri, Cambodia) & Mr. Pa Satha (Deputy Director, Provincial Office of Education, Youth and Sport, Ratanakiri, Cambodia), Development and implementation of bilingual education policy in Cambodia’s highland provinces


Dr. Helen Ting (National University of Malaysia, UKM), Language-in-education policy in Malaysia: Context, implementation, and challenges

Track 3 A Benjasiri 1
Gender, culture, and MTB-MLE in Asia
Moderator: Mr. Min Bista
Track 3 B Queen’s Park 1
Teachers, classroom strategies, and delivery methods in Bangladesh, Indonesia, and China
Moderator: Ms. Katherine Dooley

Ms. Nahar Meherun (Save the Children, Bangladesh), MTB-MLE practice and challenge in Bangladesh


Mr. Briliyan Syarifudin Ahmad and Ms. Yoni Wijayanti (Yogyakarta State University, Indonesia), Quartet multilingual card games: The way to teach multi-language education in Elementary School


Ms. Du Yuan (UNICEF China), Language-sensitive and culturally-appropriate pedagogy to lower grade ethnic minority students in Yunnan, China

Track 3 C Benjasiri 2
Gender, culture, teachers, classroom strategies, and delivery methods
Moderator: Mr. Curtis Wong

Dr. Christine Manara (Payap University, Thailand), Being able to speak English is not the same as being an outsider (abandoning your nationality): Narratives of complexities in English language teaching and the maintenance of Indonesian languages and identities


Ms. Julia Lachet and Ms. Kim Green (Vientiane International School, Lao PDR), Delivering quality and inclusive MLE: Teachers, pedagogy and innovations

  Mr. Simon Purnell (on behalf of The Basic Education Support towards Transition (BEST) Consortia supported by the European Union) , Fostering a sense of identity through language maintenance – The implications of language of instruction of choice in refugee camps along the Thai-Myanmar border
Track 4 Queen’s Park 6
Implementing quality MLE programs: The role of stakeholders
Moderator: Mr. Heribert Hinzen

Ms. Xinia Skoropinski (SIL Philippines), Identifying early evidences of the impact of MTB-MLE in Mindanao: The story behind the numbers


Dr. Stephen L. Walter (Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics, United States), Assessing the educational consequences of teacher deficits in content matter and language of instruction (L2)


Ms. Melody Ann Ross (University of Hawaii, United States), Language attitudes and multilingual education in Timor Leste

Tea Break
Plenary Session I Queen’s Park 1
Moderator: Mr. Cliff Meyers

Professor Joseph Lo Bianco,
Building inclusive, rights-based and effective language policies
Professor at University of Melbourne, Australia


Associate Professor Kathleen Heugh,
Multilingual education: Contexts, theories and practices
Associate Professor at University of South Australia, Australia

Reception Rainbow Room
Host: Asst. Prof. Surakit Nathisuwan
Vice President for International Relations, Mahidol University,on behalf of Conference Organizers
Plenary Session II Queen’s Park 1
Moderator: Mr. Mark Pierce

Professor Anwei Feng,
Reducing Tensions for Additive Multilingual Education through Research

Professor and Director of Graduate Studies at Bangor University, UK

Professor Minati Panda,
Whither MLE: Rethinking Multilingual Education in India
Professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

Tea Break
Parallel Session III:
Special Parallel Session Queen’s Park 1

Language, development, education, and policies: Lessons for Asia from Africa and Europe
Moderator: Prof. Fernand de Varennes


Mr. Hywel Coleman (Honorary Senior Research Fellow at University of Leeds, UK)
Two decades of language and development


Dr. Elżbieta Kuzborska (Lecturer at Vilnius Branch of the University of Białystok, Lithuania) MLE standards and practices: The European perspective

Track 1 Queen’s Park 4
Language and education issues in China, Myanmar, and Vietnam
Moderator: Dr. Kirk Person

Ms. Naw Khu Shee (Payap University, Thailand) with Dr. R. Wyn Owen (Payap University, Thailand) and Dr. Ramzi W. Nahhas (Wright State University, USA), The role of the mother tongue in national language acquisition in rural primary schools in Myanmar 


Ms. Heidi Cobbey (SIL International) and Mr. Ai Bian (Xishuangbanna Prefecture Education Bureau, China), Using three different scripts: Benefits and difficulties as seen in the Dai Han program in China


Dr. Can D. Quang (Hawaii University, USA), The inconsistent implementation of language policy and the underdevelopment of the Cham language teaching program in Ninh Thuan, Vietnam

Track 2 Queen’s Park 5
Language-in-education policies in South Asia
Moderator: Ms. Divya Lata 

Dr. Lava D. Awasthi (Director General, Department of Education, Nepal), Multilingual education: Policy manifestations and pedagogical practices in Nepal


Ms. Parismita Singh (ASER Centre, India), Language education, multi-ethnicity and conflict: Practices and challenges in Assam, India

Track 3 A Benjasiri 1
MTB-MLE programs: Impact, outcomes, and progress
Moderator: Dr. Catherine Young

Mr. Josak Siam (Dayak Bidayuh National Association, Malaysia) and Mr. Jim Smith (SIL International), Walking among durians: The Malaysia Bidayuh schools’ journey


Mr. Pamar Rajbanshi (NNLPI, Nepal) and Ms. Kimiko Abe (SIL Nepal), A successful MLE program among the Rajbanshi community in Nepal: Contributing factors, resulting impacts

Track 3 B Benjasiri 2
Teachers, classroom strategies, and delivery methods
Moderator: Mr. John Draper

Ms. Shivani Nag (Jawaharlal Nehru University, India), Inclusion of children’s home language in classrooms and the possibilities of transcending the transmission models of teaching


Geraldine Siagto-Wakat, Vicente Yaccao, Jr., Jelly June Anas, Louise Anne Estolero, et al (Saint Louis University, Philippines), Implementation of the MTB approach: Challenges encountered by Philippine public school teachers and their coping strategies


Ms. Janice Hillmer (Payap University, Thailand), Evaluating the quality of MLE program delivery in classrooms in Northern Thailand

Track 4 Queen’s Park 6
The impact of MLE: Success stories from Southeast Asia
Moderator: Dr. Joseph Lo Bianco

Ms. Jessica de Jesus Dogaojo (University of the Philippines, Los Baños), Nature and effect of the MTB-MLE on the learning of pupils at Casiguran Central School in Bicol Region, Philippines


Ms. Alice Eastwood (SIL Indonesia), One hour per week in the mother tongue: Can it make a difference? An analysis of reading skills of children in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia


Dr. Wiyada Lemtrakul, Dr. Jutima Methaneethorn, Dr. Pongwat Fongkanta, and
Mr. Setthawit Chanowan, (Lampang Rajabhat University, Thailand), Supporting MLE for Ethnic Minority in Northern Thailand: An evaluation study

Lunch Rainbow Room
Parallel Session IV
Track 1 Benjasiri 1
Local languages and English in education
Moderator: Dr. Kathleen Heugh

Mr. Jens Meyer (SIL Papua New Guinea), Investigating MLE in the context of the elementary reform in Papua New Guinea


Dr. Naashia Mohamed (Maldives National University), Exploring language attitudes through linguistic landscaping: A case study from the Maldives

Track 2 Queen’s Park 4
Local, non-dominant, and national languages in Indonesian and Malaysian education
Moderator: Dr. Sheldon Shaeffer

Ms. June Jacob (Artha Wacana Christian University, Indonesia), Promoting Kupang Malay in the local curriculum at the primary and university levels in Eastern Indonesia


Ms. Sheridan Indarto and Ms. Rachel De Ruiter (SIL Australia), Increasing latitude for MLE in Papua, Indonesia


Dr. Wei Keong Too (University of Nottingham Malaysia), MTB education in Malaysia: A case of Chinese independent secondary schools

Track 3 A Queen’s Park 5
MTB-MLE programs: Impact, outcomes, progress/teachers, classroom strategies, and delivery methods
Moderator: Mr. Mansueto Casquite

Dr. Johnny Tjia and Ms. Tara Huberty (Sulinama Foundation, Indonesia), Ambon-Malay based early childhood education: Towards MTB-MLE—A progress report


Dr. Joseph Rumenapp (University of Illinois at Chicago, United States), Teacher development through learning communities: Monolingual teacher research and curriculum development in a multilingual urban school


Ms. Bharistha Sreshthaputra (Foundation for Applied Linguistics, Thailand), Incorporating local wisdom into Pwo Karen reading materials

Track 3 B Queen’s Park 6
Multilingual education programmes – negotiating effective collaboration
Moderator: Mr. Philip Smith

Mr. Joemin Maratin and Dr. Karla Smith (SIL International), Malaysian indigenous minority children on the education chessboard

Dr. Muge Ayan Ceyhan (Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey), Co-creating spaces for multilingual practices in Turkey’s state-run monolingual educational system

  Ms. Amanda Seel, Speaking the same language about multilingualism?: International development partners’ roles in supporting an enabling environment for multilingual education
Track 3 C Queen’s Park 1
Community involvement and MTB-MLE
Moderator: Mr. Jeff Webster

Ms. Anne Thomas, Developing quality community-based MLE initiatives in the Cambodian highlands


Dr. Marilyn L. Ngales and Ms. Leonora H. Astete (Lyceum of the Philippines University, Philippines), Community involvement in implementing MTB-MLE with the Dumagats in the Northern Philippines


Mr. Srom Bunthy and Ms. Mariam Smith (International Cooperation Cambodia, Cambodia), Building community involvement in MLE

Track 4 Benjasiri 2
Tools for improving student’s literacy and multilingualism
Moderator: Mr. Cliff Meyers

Ms. Dinh Phuong Thao (UNICEF Vietnam) and Mr. Nguyen Anh Ninh (Ministry of Education and Training, Viet Nam),Viet Nam experience on language classroom mapping: A tool for planning and managing bilingual education


Ms. Ya-Chin Chuang and Dr. Chien-Ju Chang (National Taiwan Normal University), Different influences of visual-spatial skills on Chinese and English word recognition: The example of Fourth Grade students in Taiwan


Ms. Nurrina Dyahpuspita (Yogyakarta State University), Improving student mastery of multilanguage: The use of technology-based education program in Indonesia

Tea Break


Parallel Session V:

Special Parallel Session Queen’s Park 1
Language and peacebuilding
Moderator: Dr. Joseph Lo Bianco
Track 1 Queen’s Park 4
Invited Panel: Strengthening Network – How can we improve regional and national MLE networks
Moderator: Dr. Carl Grove

  Regional Networks
  - Asia MLE WG
  National Networks
  - India
  - Philippines
Track 2 Queen’s Park 5
Towards pro-MLE policies in Afghanistan and Pakistan
Moderator: Mr. Hywel Coleman

Mr. M Javad Ahmadi (Ministry of Education/Department of Planning, Afghanistan), Multi-language education in Afghanistan: Achievements, challenges, and policy options 


Dr. Faizi Inayatullah (Abdul Wali Khan University, Pakistan), Education in local languages in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan: A case study on political will and its implementation

Track 3 A Benjasiri 1
MTB-MLE and adult literacy
Moderator: Dr. Joseph Rumenapp

Ms. Yee-may Chan (SIL Nepal) & Mr. Chhejap Bhote (NELHOS, Nepal), Best practices, different beneficiaries: How language acquisition practices for children’s MLE apply to Lhomi adult literacy in Nepal

  Ms. Ellen Errington (SIL Asia), Tailoring language and education programs for the adult learner


Dr. Suchin Petcharugsa (Phusang District NFE Service Center, Thailand), Ms. Wilawan Chaimongkol (Phusang NFE District Service Center, Phayao Province), and Ms. Patra Manoi (Thailand Research Fund - Lampang Coordination Center), Research on identification of model of literacy promotion for learners from ethnic groups in Thailand-Lao PDR border areas of Phusang District, Thailand

Track 3 B Queen’s Park 6
MTB-MLE programs: Impact, outcomes, and progress
Moderator: Mr. Matt Wisbey

Dr. Willy Ngaka (University of Kwazulu – Natal, Uganda), A ‘sinkhole to doom’, or ‘tarmac’ to academic success: The journey of Lugbara teachers in Uganda's mother tongue policy


Ms. Katherine Dooley (SIL Mainland Southeast Asia), Teaching in a bilingual education pilot project: Insights from public school teachers and local teachers in Northern Thailand 


Ms. Avantika Thakur, (Teach for India, India), Guaranteeing quality education: The Indian scenario–A case study

Track 3 C Benjasiri 2
Moderator: Dr. Diana Weber

Mr. Mansueto Casquite (SIL Philippines), Participatory approaches in orthography development for mother tongue-based multilingual education: Insights from non-dominant language communities


Mr. Dick Balmocena Lapitan (Solano High School, Philippines), Effects of the communicative approach on the essay writing performance of junior students

Plenary Session III: Policy Panel Discussion Queen’s Park 1
Policy support for MLE: Southeast Asian experiences
Moderator: Dr. Sheldon Shaeffer
H.E. Ton Sa Im,
Under – Secretary of State, Cambodia

Congressman Magtanggol T. Gunigundo I,
District Representative of Valenzuela City, 2nd District, Philippines


Professor Suwilai Premsrirat,
Professor at Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia, Mahidol University, Thailand

      10.00-10.30 Tea Break
Parallel Session VI:
Special Parallel Session Queen’s Park 1
Analyzing cost and benefit of multilingual education: For evidence-based policy development and funding
Moderator: Mr. Min Bista

Dr. Kimmo Kosonen


Dr. Kathleen Heugh


Dr. Steve Walter

Track 1 Queen’s Park 4
Ethnolinguistic minorities and language issues in Indian education
Moderator: Mr. Karsten van Riezen

Mr. Palash Kumar Nath (Gauhati University, India), Cultural revival through MTB-MLE: A case of the Singpho in Northeast India


Ms. Priyadarsini Mohanty (Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences, KIIT University, India), MTB multilingual early childhood education in the context of tribes in Odisha, India


Dr. Shweta Sandilya (UNICEF India) and Mr. Deepak Kumar Singh (Bihar Education Project Council, India), Developing an MLE policy toward language spoken by tribals, with special relation to Santali, India

Track 2 Benjasiri 1
Towards multilingual education in Nepal
Moderator: Mr. Curtis Wong

Dr. Ambika Regmi (Tribhuvan University, Nepal), Ascertaining access to MTB-MLE for ethnolinguistic communities of Nepal


Dr. Yogendra P Yadava (Tribhuvan University, Nepal), MLE policy and practices in Nepal: An appraisal


Mr. Prithvi Chaudhary (Transformation Nepal), MLE classes for the Rana Tharu in Nepal

Track 3 A Queen’s Park 5
Innovations in Mother Tongue-based Multilingual Education
Moderator: Mr. Jim Smith

Ms. Sharon Joy Estioca (SIL Philippines), Development of listening skills in English through listening-based instruction in Western Subanon, Philippines


Ms. Vilasa Phongsathorn (UNICEF EAPRO), Applying the principle and practice of two-way language immersion programs in pre-primary and primary schools in Southern Thailand


Dr. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao (Ministry of Education and Training/ Acting Director of the Research Centre for Ethnic Minority Education, Viet Nam) and Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Nga (UNICEF Viet Nam), Viet Nam experience on delivering quality MTB-MLE

Track 3 B Queen’s Park 6
Teacher Education and innovations in Asia
Moderator: Ms. Philina Ng

Dr. Mary Sylvette T. Gunigundo (SEAMEO INNOTECH), Readiness of teacher education institutions in the Philippines for the implementation of the MTB-MLE program


Dr. Dennis L Malone (SIL International), No teacher left alone: Institutionalizing teacher education for MTB-MLE in non-dominant language communities 


Laxman Ghimire (Tribhuvan University, Nepal), Towards alternative models of MTB-MLE for multilingual classrooms in Nepal

Track 4 Benjasiri 2
Comparative Analysis of Student’s Academic Performance in MLE and Non-MLE Classrooms
Moderator: Mr. Cliff Meyers

Mr. Jacob Finifrock (SIL International), MTB-MLE long-term impact: A case study of the Dong Minority in Guizhou Province, China
Dr. Supalak Sintana (Yala Rajabhat University, Thailand), An assessment of MLE in primary schools in Thailand's Deep South
Dr. Stanley V. John (District Institute of Education & Training, School Education, Chhattisgarh State, India), School success among Bastar Tribals in India: Does home language make any difference?
Lunch Rainbow Room
Plenary Session IV: Summary Session
Lessons Learned and the Path Forward
Moderator: Mr. Min Bista
Closing Ceremony
Mr. Bijaya Rajbhandari,
Representative, UNICEF Thailand Country Office
Farewell Tea
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