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  • Asia Multilingual Education Working Group – Multilingual Education e-Newsletter
    The eNewsletter is a quarterly publication that highlights key activities, news and events and other relevant resources on MLE around the world.
  • Advocacy Kit for Promoting Multilingual Education: Including the Excluded
    This advocacy kit, published by UNESCO Bangkok, is designed to raise awareness on the importance of mother tongue-based multilingual education (MTB-MLE). It presents key arguments and facts about MLE and provides important insights about the value and benefits of providing education in learners' mother tongue.
  • Ethnolinguistic Minorities and Non-Dominant Languages in Mainland Southeast Asian Language-in-Education Policies
    Available via Sense Publishers, an article entitled "Languages in Mainland SE Asia Language-in-Education Policies," authored by Dr. Kimmo Kosonen, has been included in the compilation "Education, Language, and Economics: Growing National and Global Dilemmas".
  • Keeping the Promise Alive To End Poverty
    A decade will be over soon since the MDGs were launched by the governments of the world and UN agencies in 2000. Poverty reduction is the first goal among eight others, and a commitment was made to reduce extreme poverty by half by 2015.
  • Language Conference 2008 Report
    International Conference on Language Development, Language Revitalization and Multilingual Education in Ethnolinguistic Communities, 1-3 July 2008, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Mother Tongue as Bridge Language of Instruction: Policies, Strategies, and Advocacy in Southeast Asia
    A Project Report published by the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) Secretariat presenting a compendium of language policies, case studies, and general recommendations for mother tongue-based education in Southeast Asia.
  • Multilingual Education Works: From the Periphery to the Centre
    A new book on multilingual education - edited by Kathleen Heugh and Tove Skutnabb-Kangas - focusing mostly on the countries of the "South" is now available in South Asia via Orient BlackSwan. The book discusses language and education issues also in a number of Asian countries, such as Cambodia, India, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam.
  • The Power of Culture for Development
    Culture, in all its dimensions, is a fundamental component of sustainable development. As a sector of activity, through tangible and intangible heritage, creative industries and various forms of artistic expressions, culture is a powerful contributor to economic development, social stability and environmental protection. As a repository of knowledge, meanings and values that permeate all aspects of our lives, culture also defines the way human beings live and interact both at local and global scales
  • Why Language Matters for the Millennium Development Goals
    A booklet gathers good practice, success stories and lessons learned in promoting language as primary participatory tool for development during International Conference on Language, Education and the MDGs, 9-11 November, Thailand
  • Why Languages Matter: Meeting Millennium Development Goals Through Local Languages
    Languages are dynamic because people and their culture constantly adapt in response to the world around them. Language-based development is a tool that can help build a communication bridge between local and global communities. Further information from SIL International in Chinese, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.


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